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Alex Rockey (he/him)is a Scenic and Costume Designer born in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. He is a queer designer who loves working on any and all projects, being able to include his point of view while still giving the heart of the story of every time. He loves being in the room and having the ability to work collaboratively as the Scenic Designer, Costume Designer, Both, Assistant, Associate, etc. etc. Alex works in a mindset that we all do this craft because we want to and that we are constantly learning in life to create new and innovative conventions whether we are 20 or 90 years old. He is bubbly, he is sassy, he is at times sensitive, he is camp.


While Scenery and Costumes are his passions, but he makes sure to give time to his hobbies on the side as well. He loves makeup, exploring his surroundings, and has a possibly unhealthy obsession with Drag and Lady Gaga (not mutually exclusive).

He has received his BFA in Production and Design for Stage and Screen with a concentration in Scenic and Costume Design from PACE University. He is now an MFA candidate for Live Design and Production with a concentration in Scenic and Costume Design  at the University of Texas at Austin - Department of Theatre and Dance.


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