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You Can't Drag Us Down

A self-produced drag show mixed with cabaret/drama style structures. This was part of the University of Texas at Austin - Department of Theatre and Dance's requirements for a Master's thesis. This particular topic was based around SB12 (Texas's infamous proposed Drag and Transgender ban). 

In short, an entire night of protest against anti-queer legislation.

Producer/Scenic Designer/Costume Concepts: Alex Rockey

Director: Grant Gilker

Stage Manager: Leila Rabah

Playwrights: Yobany Pizano & Angela Mata

Lighting Designer: Donna Yancey

Projection Designer: Ben Randall

Sound Designer: Alex Titsworth

Board Operator: Gigi Beckham

Spot Operator: Katelyn Nguyen

Creative Consultant: Kristen Osborn

Costume Concepts
(Dream Drag Looks)
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